The Story

My name is Sławek Romanowski and I'm a professional musician; a drummer of stock in 90's Poland in a band called Varius Manx. When it comes to music, I feel I have achieved and experienced almost everything that I could hope for. I'm 48 years old and could easily tick the 'fulfilled' box and be content.

But something told me that I just couldn't stop there. And so, to the burning question: now what? What else can I do in my life?

Back to the drawing board; seek a new challenge.

One day whilst I sat contemplating my first move, I bought an old bicycle frame, decided to renovated it and accommodated it to good componentry. But what style to go for? My son begged me to reconstruct it into an ancient NSU, my daughter a Dutch damka.

And I?
Well I felt like a child. The possibilities were endless and my imagination ran wild. With this crazy determination I decided to design and construct my first model using designs I had loved as a child.

I wanted it to be as easy to use as a bicycle from my childhood and simultaneously made of good materials; that were unavailable... or more likely not even devised when I was 10 years old! Stylistics associated with the past but with a modern twist to create a unique design.

If I have learnt anything from my career in music it is that to do anything properly, full engagement and passion is imperative. And so, I devoted the next year and more to make something so much more than just a mode of transport to get you from the point A to the point B. It needed to be something that I could enjoy looking at everyday and makes my soul happy.

I spent over a year finding a material to construct the frame, welding further and further prototypes, testing saddles, handlebars, naves and other elements, you name it - all so that my baby wouldn't be just another nondescript bike on the market.

Then the time had come for the real test. I took her off into the city for a spin, hours later I found myself in the forest, cycling and cycling. The bicycle was absolutely amazing and I felt so happy. For me it was everything I had hoped for.